Our Vision

Making room for restless hearts to find home with Christ.
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Who We Are

We are a community of college students making room for restless hearts to find home with Christ.


We are a community that is committed
to praying for you and with you


If you’re new or just looking for a community,
we’d love to connect with you!


We gather regularly as a community and in smaller groups, and we are eager to help you find community here in Lubbock


International students are welcome here,
no matter where you are from!


It is time for a renovation movement! Find out ways you can support the work of our ministry

Christ in Action, CA, ISF – they provide a place we can call home away from home

Yusinyu Tamfu

Going to CA has poured into me spiritually in so many different ways. This place has allowed me a place to be honest with myself in ways I never have before. In that aspect, it's like a family.

Emily Monson

When I first came to 2406 Broadway, I walked in, and my life totally changed. I found the Lord, I found my wife, I found my friends for a lifetime, I found my purpose.

Milton Jones