We are a community of college students eager to foster an environment where all people can meet Jesus Christ calling us deeper into life and love with God.

College can be a lot–a lot of opportunities, a lot of information, a lot of experiences. Christ in Action is committed to helping students also make a lot of friends—friends to eat midnight pancakes with, friends to dive deep into Scripture with, and friends that will last a lifetime. Don’t let college pass you by without a community surrounding you!

Gather with us
Our Campus Minister


Gary loves college students and is passionate about helping them hear Jesus’s calling for a deeper life with God. Gary was an intern for Christ in Action during college, and has been a full time campus minister since 2017. He has been married to Kayli since 2013, and they have two beautiful children, Levi and Nora. He enjoys coffee, reading, and writing about himself in the third person.

Our International Minister


Tim is our International Student Minister. He works closely with his wife Rebecca, overseeing International Student Fellowship, FriendSpeak and training for Let’s Start Talking mission trips. Tim and Rebecca’s experience as missionaries in Kenya and Tanzania for 27 years, has made them especially sensitive to the needs of international students here in Lubbock. Tim & Rebecca have three adult daughters and three granddaughters. He holds degrees in Bible from Lubbock Christian and Abilene Christian University.

Campus Center Coordinator


Hannah just graduated from Lubbock Christian University in May with her bachelors degree in family studies. She also just got married to her husband Nathan in July! Hannah loves spending time with her friends and family, eating chicken, and reading.

Our Worship Intern


Nathan is a senior communications major at Lubbock Christian University. He just got married to his wife Hannah in July! Nathan enjoys singing, playing video games, and taking photos.